The awesome Ferrari 488 GTB for rent in Dubai from Sports Car Rental in Dubai is an incredible high-performance supercar and the most powerful engine. It has a superb dual-clutch seven-speed manual transmission with traction control and finely tuned suspension for increased stability.

Comprised of this fearless powertrain, its figures push through the existing boundaries of the supercar manufacturing industry. The response time to acceleration is just 0.8 seconds at 2,000 rpm, allowing this beast to race to 100km/h in just a time zapping 3.0 seconds. The power of light can only hope to keep up.

The cabin is equipped with some impressive state-of-the-art technology, with digital screens displaying tire, brake and fluid temperature, as well as a navigation system, turbo-boost gauge and radio. The seats are perfectly positioned and whether you are putting, For Rent Availbale on FASTER SPORTS CAR RENTAL

We have one of the largest selections of Sports cars available for rent, including the powerful Ferrari 488, which you can rent and we can deliver anywhere in UAE, This supercar through its paces on the track or cruising on the highway, a Ferrari car rental in Dubai rewards you with an undeniably brilliant drive.