At a stage in your career, applying for jobs would be unavoidable. Whether you are looking for an entry job or a more professional one.

However, it is always advisable that when you want to apply for a job, you should submit to the ones near you. Apart from the psychological benefits attached, proximity to your job saves you time and money. Again, if you are to check the opinions of riders on motosport review, you’d find that most of them are workers who ride their ways to work due to the proximity.

Besides, comments of job seekers on resumonk reviews show why they are strategically applying for jobs near them with their resumes rather than sending their resumes to random places. The reasons for this range from job satisfaction to psychological benefits. Here are 5 reasons.

  1. Saves you a lot of stress and efforts

A job near you saves you the stress of transporting yourself to your place of work. Rather than wait long hours for a public bus, you can easily ride a bike to and from work with such finesse and convenience. This improves your work ethics as you either are the first person to resume work or in the group of punctual workers. Additionally, getting home early means you can rest and recharge for another day of work.

  1. Saves you money spent on transport

One way to cut expenses is to be closer to work than not. Transport expenses can be a menace to your income. But they can be avoided, if not totally, then partially. When you live within your job range, you hardly spend a dime on transport. You can easily cycle to work as an alternative or pay less with a public bus.

  1. Provides you with job satisfaction

Less effort, less money spent, less stress – all of which are the results of having a job near you – are sure to fill you with job satisfaction. You know you are satisfied with your job when there are a few psychological problems as a result of it. With enough time in your hands and few problems, you can explore streams of income, experiment with resources, and be inspired to create and innovate.

  1. Leads you to growth and development

Since many factors are working on your side, career growth and development are certain to happen. You have enough time to apply for more opportunities, to fulfill more dreams, and to accomplish more projects. Furthermore, you can expand your skills by enrolling in online classes to stay ahead of the crowd.

  1. Improved psychological benefits

Some of the psychological benefits include (but are not restricted to) improved mood, improved self-esteem, increased feelings of energy, increased self-satisfaction. Confidence boost. Emotional and intellectual improvements. Reduced stress as well as the ability to cope with stress.


Proximity to your job is a form of working smart. You have to be objective not only about the type of job you want but also the location of it. This way, you are guaranteed maximum job satisfaction.