Living in a connected world has made tracking the location of your car easier. Many people have written their opinions about the benefits of tracking systems on With the numerous trackers available today, you can keep an eye on your teen driver or track your driving habits.

Car parts sellers reveal that these trackers are not complex devices as many people think. They have features that can improve the health of your car by giving accurate vehicle data such as braking, acceleration, speed, etc. Below are some of the best trackers you can use.

1.  Track-4 GPS Tracker:

With features such as free activation and cancellation fees, accessible SIM card, rugged housing that has been commercially designed for use, a battery that lasts between 12 to 18 months, it is a useful and affordable tracker. It is rechargeable and it gives GPS reports through the use of REST API. The tracker also provides your map’s history, all with a $6.99 monthly subscription.

2.  SpyTecGPS:

This product uses 4G LTE for its connectivity and it is from a reputed manufacturer. It has a 2 to 5 weeks’ battery life, and it works efficiently on any smart device. It also has an unlimited tracking range with its access to satellite technology. There are new features added monthly which makes it flexible and versatile for use. It costs $24.95 per month, and with its smart setup and notifications, you can enjoy the use of machine learning in advancing your tracking accuracy.

3. LandAirSea 54 Waterproof Magnet Mount GPS Tracker:

This waterproof product (100%) has an ultra-compact design with its built-in magnet. With a single charge, it can function for about 2 weeks. It has access to your data through web-based software or mobile app. With its 4G LTE connectivity, proximity alerts, departure and arrival notifications, etc. are the features you can enjoy with $24.95 per month.

4.  Vyncs GPS Tracker:

This tracker hourly updates its location, and it allows a 24/7 roadside assistance. It also tracks your fuel level, and notifies you of the times for vehicle maintenance. Its battery doesn’t require charging, and with $78.93, it operates in over 220 countries of the world.

5.  MOTOsafety GPS Tracker:

This gives a data report every 60 seconds, and it alerts you when you speed or over speed. It works in Canada, USA, and Mexico at the moment. But it doesn’t require charging. With $22.99 a month, you’ll enjoy your device.

6. PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker:

This device uses 4G LTE connectivity with a battery limit of 2 weeks. It gives you updates every 10 seconds and alerts you of location changes and your detailed activities at each location. It has an unlimited range, and with $25 a month, you can make use of this tracker without activation fees.

7.  You can also consider Tracki Mini GPS Tracker,

which has a replaceable battery with its 2 to 3 days’ battery life. It has a magnet, a belt clip and Velcro for easy installation. It also has a lifetime warranty and the company can easily replace the tracker freely. Its SIM card works in over 185 countries without the exclusion of the USA and Canada. With $19.95 a month, you can access the software for your use.

These and many others are the trackers that are making sales in 2021.