The Future of Car Rental Is Mobile-First – Skift

There are many reasons why the need to rent a car might come up. You might want to rent a car because your car broke down and you want the comfort of a car you can fully control. There are also instances when you want to travel and you want to leave your car in a garage at home as opposed to parking it in the garage of a public place.

When you also get to your destination, you might want to rent a car for the duration that you will be there. When this is the case, you need to get patronize a car rental company such as This should be after you have read reviews about the platform on Suomiarvostelut and you are satisfied with the experience of other people that have patronized the company.

Some of the things that we can expect in the future of car rental services are discussed below:

Car pick-up and retrievals

Today, several car companies have an area of operation. They make it possible to pick up a car at a particular place and drop it off at the same place or somewhere else. The implication is that you could require that you want a car you want to pick up in your home and you want to drop it off at the airport. The car rental company will deliver the car to your home and pick it up from the airport after you might have dropped it off.

In the future, car rental companies will have wider areas of operation where you could pick up a car from any state and deliver it to any state. This is considering that most car rental companies understand that this is one of the features that can make them competitive in the long run and prevent a situation where they will be left behind by other car rental companies. It would also become possible to pick up a car in a country and deliver it to another country.

Electric cars

Today, it is still very rare to find electric cars at car rental companies except for the very luxurious companies. However, as the price of electric cars will be expected to crash in the next few years, it will now be possible to find electric cars on virtually every car rental platforms. In the next few years, some car rental companies will be forced to only rent out electric cars. Apart from the fact customers will prefer it because it will be cheaper, some countries have started plans to phase out electric cars in the next few years. Hence, in such countries, car rental companies will only rent out electric cars.

Driverless cars

Driverless cars are also expected to become fully functional in the next few years, especially by the time the 5G network has been fully implemented. Car rental companies will also have to give their customers the option of renting driverless cars. It might also make the delivery of vehicles and pick up of vehicles easier. The car could be sent to the user when they request it without having to send a physical driver who will have to find their way back to the office without the car after dropping it. The car can also be programmed to deliver itself back to the office after the customers have dropped it off at their preferred location instead of sending someone to pick it up.

Hence, the future of car rental companies is expected to change significantly from what is obtainable today. It is also expected to benefit both the car rental companies and customers.